can we stop using the pejorative “non-trivial system” when talking about typescript

can we stop using the pejorative “non-trivial system” when talking about typescript

Seriously though. I just went looking for more non-bias non-evangelical information about typescript and the top comment started off by saying

"I think you really need to consider programming in a non-trivial system."

This sentiment is simply a tired old slur employed by programming bigots. I know. I was one of them. I used to exist in bloated java land with immense hierarchies and simply judged JS as crappy mainly because it was just that. Total crap. But that's because I started in the 90s when it was crap so I simply presumed the lack of classes/interfaces/etc was all just a weakness by the poor programmers who made it and it lacked all the 'advanced features' I relied on every day to deliver real programs in real enterprise languages.

Then ES5 came out and V8 came out. I remained a bigot. Oh if you're making a 'real' system… then I started a job 5 or so years ago doing real javascript. Then I got into angular. And now? I look at that bloat every time I step back into java to support our legacy and feel the immense weight of it's technical debt on every task I need to do.

That's not to say there isn't a place for java, there is, but people have got to stop pretending that javascript it only used for micky mouse projects. It's not the same as java and it's loose typing is easily one of it's most powerful features that immensely aids maintainability under changing requirements.

Typescript I'm sure has it's uses, but to me, it's biggest purpose is to simply provide a comfort zone to programmer who like me, were not comfortable accepting change and felt entitled to keep doing things the way they always did rather than learn something new.

The above is debatable and I fully acknowledge that. But the idea that "if you designed non-trivial systems you'd know what I know" is just a slur of a motif. I make non-trivial systems in javascript. Billions of dollars pass through them. They run huge institutions like hospitals. They run insurance companies and big data companies.

The above phrase is just a go to excuse people make to dismiss valid arguments against typing in JS and is categorically a veiled ad hominem attack against the person and not the argument taking a shot at their career assuming the bigot is just a higher class of programmer and if lowly dynamic typed people only were to work on real projects they'd understand.

It's a bunch of bullshit. It should stop.


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