Advice about collaborating with cats (Typelevel)

Advice about collaborating with cats (Typelevel)

Hi there,

I'm a Scala developer and I have a couple of years coding in the language. Normally I use the "basic" stuff that the language offers plus a couple of libraries from the ecosystem (Akka Actor/Http/Cluster/Streams, Slick, Play Framework and cats).

I feel that my knowledge about the true functional topics is too little. As a way of learning how the thing works and also giving a little love to the community, I want to contribute to cats. I've cloned the project and started looking at core package, but I feel overwhelmed with all the concepts and things used.

Do you have some advice for me? Where do I look first? What concepts do I have to grasp before diving in the codebase?

I feel that the approach of starting to dive in the code and looking what is the inner working of every single thing don't work for me.

I appreciate your comments on this 🙂

Submitted August 14, 2017 at 05:29AM by Astantler
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