Job in Sydney: Fullstack Go Web Developer

Job in Sydney: Fullstack Go Web Developer

Digital reputation based start-up in Sydney Australia, is ready to take on the world! We need a third full-stack Senior Go Web Developer.

Our ideal candidate will have proven full-stack Go development and also be comfortable in SQL (Postgres) and Ruby on Rails. Experience in PHP, NodeJS or Python is an advantage.

Experience in mobile development using Swift, Java, Xamarin, Ionic2 or Phonegap is an advantage.

Front-end requirements include the usual stuff; HTML5, SASS/CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, JavaScript, UI/UX and Gulp.

Tasks: General team based web development using Go std lib and Postgres on a private Github repo; Integration of our HTML based widgets and API into customer websites and mobile apps.

Solid people skills with customers and enthusiasm is a must. If you're interested and live in Sydney, come and join a team that will soon attempt to conquer the world!

Reward: Salary with an ESOP.

Submitted August 12, 2017 at 07:54AM by smyrnian
via reddit


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