How do you use VSCode (Debugging, etc)?

How do you use VSCode (Debugging, etc)?

Hi everyone:

I am just learning Go, and I realize that certain things are not completely obvious, like the best way to set up debugging. Can you walk through the specific ways you've set up VSCode for Go — including what you decided to do for debugging?

Are there any other tips or tricks you have adopted to increase your productivity? (For example, a frequent point of complaints is that when commenting out code, compilation is halted if variables are only used a single time in the remaining code, for example. But a script can solve these, or other issues — so if you use any such helper things, it would be nice to tell me about it.)

I am trying to set up a streamlined Go process based on any feedback from how others have done it. Go is extremely productive and I've only heard about one or two things – so my goal is to learn if anyone has solved these for themselves.

Thank you.

Submitted August 12, 2017 at 01:00PM by throwawaybeginr
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