Web stack recommendations

Web stack recommendations

I've been away from go for a few years.

Here's what I'm thinking. Any recommendations would be great.

  • std lib where possible
  • router (I liked goji/gorilla at the time but projects seems stale) for REST.
  • gRPC seems like a good fit non REST (agent, mobile, path to micro-service etc). I saw some good gophercon talks on this. My concern is that gRPC is Alpha.
  • sqlx …. was pretty "meh". Has go generate done anything to improve sql writing? I'm not looking for an ORM, but something slightly better than SQLx would be loved.
  • I'd like the option of using an embedded database. I love sqlite but hate that the sqlite driver for go requires c-go which makes cross compilation a much bigger PITA. Any suggestions here?
  • angular/react/whatever the new hot bullshit is for front-end. I was leaning towards Angular because we are B2B and that seems to be the most adopted framework in enterprise land.
  • Speaking of frontend. How are you managing authorization between frontend and backend session. At the time, I used JWT but it always gave me a pretty "icky" feeling security wise.

What's considered best practice these days?

Submitted August 11, 2017 at 02:56AM by ClaudioHolloway
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