An Interview With Leaflet Creator Vladimir Agafonkin

An Interview With Leaflet Creator Vladimir Agafonkin

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Persistent disk-based data store (Browser)

Persistent disk-based data store (Browser)

Afternoon folks.

I'm in the process of building a data-driven dashboard which displays performance stats for employees. I'm working in a foreign environment for this – the project is hosted in a OneDrive folder so not my usual comfort zone of node. It's a single-page application that loads the employee data from a local file that's hosted in (a subfolder in) the same folder as the rest of the project.

The data is parsed from reports with JSLinq and other libs to convert it to JSON. In the interest of making the process of updating data more efficient, I'd like to be able to update the data file via an admin page (and REST calls to the OneDrive API) rather than having to copy-paste it into a notepad document and then manually upload it.

Other employees only have read access to the project folder but as the project developer, I've got full read-write-modify access and control. I'm also the only person that needs to be able to update the data file for the moment.

I'm not familiar with the OneDrive API, but is it possible for me, as the developer, to update a file in the project folder by using the OneDrive API without needing to manually upload it and without using a file-picker (as I'm simply wishing to write JSON data that's parsed in the admin page)? Any links or examples would be appreciated.

I found the file picker example provided by MS ( but this isn't what I'm particularly looking for.

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