Learning Monads

Learning Monads

I've been toying for Haskell for the past few months and am ready to take the next step. How would you improve the following code using monads? In particular, how can you avoid passing around the random variable seed?

module MontyHallProblem where import System.Random import Text.Printf import Data.List main :: IO () main = do let doors = [1..3] -- You can change the total number of doors or their labels let m = 5 -- Number of game results to display let n = 1000000 -- Number of games to play g <- newStdGen let (switchWins, switchStrs, g') = playN n True doors g let (stayWins, stayStrs, g') = playN n False doors g putStrLn $ "ALWAYS SWITCH\n" ++ (getSummary switchWins switchStrs m n) putStrLn $ "ALWAYS STAY\n" ++ (getSummary stayWins stayStrs m n) choose :: (Eq a, RandomGen g) => [a] -> g -> (a, g) choose xs g = (xs!!i, g') where (i, g') = randomR (0, length xs-1) g excluding :: (Eq a) => [a] -> [a] -> [a] excluding xs ys = filter (`notElem` ys) xs play :: (Eq a, Show a, RandomGen g) => Bool-> [a] -> g -> (Bool, String, g) play willSwitch doors g1 | willSwitch == True && repick == car = (True, strSwitch ++ "won!", g5) | willSwitch == True = (False, strSwitch ++ "lost!", g5) | pick == car = (True, strStay ++ "won!", g5) | otherwise = (False, strStay ++ "lost!", g5) where (car, g2) = choose doors g1 (pick, g3) = choose doors g2 (goat, g4) = choose (doors `excluding` [car, pick] ) g3 (repick, g5) = choose (doors `excluding` [pick, goat]) g4 strIntro = printf "Door %s had the car. You picked %s and were shown a goat behind %s.\n" (show car) (show pick) (show goat) strSwitch = strIntro ++ printf "You switched to door %s and " (show repick) strStay = strIntro ++ printf "You stayed with door %s and " (show pick) playN :: (Eq a, Show a, RandomGen g) => Int -> Bool -> [a] -> g -> ([Bool], [String], g) playN 0 willSwitch doors g1 = ([] , [], g1) playN n willSwitch doors g1 = (win:wins, str:strs, g3) where (win, str, g2) = play willSwitch doors g1 (wins, strs, g3) = playN (n-1) willSwitch doors g2 getSummary :: [Bool] -> [String] -> Int -> Int -> String getSummary wins strs m n = printf "%s\n...\nYou won %i out of %i times.\n" (intercalate "\n" $ take m $ strs) (length $ filter (== True) wins) n 

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 05:16AM by prefacer
via reddit http://ift.tt/2urdcVZ


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