Developing libraries and application.conf

Developing libraries and application.conf

Sorry for asking a very basic question… but I have always been confused about this topic.

If you are writing a library and that library has its application.conf and then time comes to ship the library. it will be used in an application which has its own application.conf

Embedding the application.conf in the jar itself will be a bad idea because then library users won't be able configure it.

So should I ask the application to copy paste the content into their config, thus overwriting the default configuration?

or when they run their application they point to two configuration files?

Or should I just get rid of the config file in my library and just expect the caller to pass me a config object. The caller can choose how they populate the config object.

What is the best practice here? I am inclined towards the approach where they calling application copy pastes the content of my application.conf and overrides what ever they want.

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 10:55PM by know_not_much
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