Could you help me choosing a JS framework?

Could you help me choosing a JS framework?

Hi. It is my first time writing something on here. I'm a college student right now majoring Business management, but programming was my hobby during my previous years and I'm planning to double major Computer Science next year. Since English is not my first language, plz forgive me if I make any silly grammar mistakes.

Right now, I am trying to start learning a new JS framework which can handle both front and back(I can't tell which side will have larger portion). But the problem is that I kinda got stuck in choosing one. So many options, so many pros and cons…so I am asking for help based on my circumstances.

I know basic HTML, CSS, and usage of jQuery. I've tasted AngularJS1 for about 3 months (as I participated in a project that uses Ionic). I kinda liked the way how it holds the frame, but I heard that Angular1 is no longer high-end. Angular2 seems fascinating, but it looks like a totally different language compared to its previous version so there's no advantage in entry barrier.

I'm not sure if it's worth telling this, but I was a Python programmer for the past 4 years, and I really liked this language. I can't say I mastered the whole language, but I can say that I'm pretty experienced into writing Python code. And I've tried Django and Flask, but I just want to learn JS Framework which does not rely on Python.

I'm trying to choose between React and Angular2, because as far as I know, those are the two most popular framework now. But I don't mind if you introduce a new fascinating language, if it is worth using it.

My curiosity mainly focuses on why some people choose to use React and others choose Angular2. Do they choose it because their company/co-workers forces to use it? If not, what are their reasons?

I know this selection depends on personal taste, but I'm nervous and paying my full caution because I'm planning to learn and use this for at least next 3-6 years. Learning curve doesn't really matter because I'm going to study this slowly and precisely in a long time.

Thanks in advance!! 😀

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 11:35AM by ChiantiBlaze
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