Slick 2 and Slick 3

Slick 2 and Slick 3

We have a behemoth legacy application which is written using Slick 2.0. The problem is that many applications in our company reference this legacy application.

I am writing a new library and I want to use Slick 3.2.0

I did a small POC in which I created an existing application using Slick 2.0 and then I added a reference to a library (published locally) which uses slick 3.0

The application broke almost immediately. it became pretty clear that its impossible for slick 2.0 and slick 3.0 to existing in the same jar of an application.

I wonder if there is anyway in which I could still use Slick 3. It sucks to write Slick 2 code in 2017.

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 06:07AM by know_not_much
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