How would you implement a general web app using Go?

How would you implement a general web app using Go?

Whenever I want to make a web applications, I always get stuck writing the API endpoints. It seems that writing APIs involves writing a wholelot of boilerplate, which I hate to write. A lot of functionality seems reusable too. What solutions do people here use?

Generally, my web applications need the following features: authentication and authorization (login, register, account recovery, …), rate limiting, pagination, other WHERE clauses (since data is fed from a DB).

Would you use a RESTful API using JSON responses? Would you use a (g)RPC approach (or why not)? WebSocket is only useful if there is not a request-response type of communication, but streaming or message passing. The authentication part could be done using But what about all these endpoints for all your methods? So much boilerplate, also clientside. I quite like how in gRPC you can define a protocol and reuse those client side (I don't get why browser support was considered so late though).

Concluding, it would be nice to have a standard solution for a web application that could be reused. Does anybody have examples?

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 04:08AM by tdewolff
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