Software Engineer 1 position at AlasConnect – Alaska, USA

Software Engineer 1 position at AlasConnect – Alaska, USA

I am happy to announce that AlasConnect is looking to fill a software engineer position as soon as possible. The official position requirements and forms are listed here under the Software Engineer 1 heading.

AlasConnect is a subsidiary of Matanuska Telephone Association, a telecommunications company which services part of southern Alaska. AlasConnect itself is a Managed Service Provider (generally Microsoft) and has clients throughout the Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Palmer areas.

I run a small team of developers which supports and writes software for both companies. The MTA side has a bit of C#/.NET and is fairly enterprise-y, although various new projects are being written in Haskell. On the AC side we are slowly gearing up to be a 100% Haskell using consulting/software development shop.

C#/.NET experience would be nice, but it's not a hard requirement. Just so there aren't any surprises, there's a chance you may be asked to help support some existing systems written in it. Given a long enough timeline we'll make Enterprise Haskell a thing though.

Answers to questions that I've typically seen come up in job posts:

  • No remote, onsite only.
  • No internships. This is a mid-career position, so a few years of practical software engineering experience is required.
  • We are not in a position to sponsor visas, and therefore can only consider people authorized to work in the US.

Please mail all applications/resumes to

If you have any questions or concerns before applying you can contact me directly at (Brian).

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 11:39AM by DisregardForAwkward
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