go-manaeger http://ift.tt/2vYSLh2

go-manaeger http://ift.tt/2vYSLh2

Gives you a base framework with support to – Processes – Configurations – NSQ Consumers – NSQ Producers – SQL Connections – Web Servers – Gateways – Elastic Search

Submitted July 31, 2017 at 11:13PM by joaosoft
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Help on installing haskell-vim-now

Help on installing haskell-vim-now

I'm trying to install haskell-vim-now, I never had a problem or issue in my past installations. But this time, doing it on Debian Stretch I cannot get: stack –resolver lts-8.14 install hindent –install-ghc –verbosity warning To compile. The issue seems to be in a dependency: stack –resolver lts-8.14 install haskell-src-exts –install-ghc –verbosity warning

This is what I get http://ift.tt/2vlQX4I

Any clue? Thanks in advance! Nacho

Submitted July 31, 2017 at 11:13PM by nachoBA
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