Change text in panorama hotspot (Marzipano) for an iframe

Change text in panorama hotspot (Marzipano) for an iframe

Hi, I would like to modify a js code in two files. and I am lost because I have not idea really of any javascript. By one side I have this panoramic picture: When you click on the hotspot there is text appearing.  Where it says “iframe 1” I would like to add this iframe:;%20style= I know I have to modify two files in order to make it work: I would have to change the createInfoHotspotElement() function in index.js to create a new iframe element and set its src property to a value provided in data.js. all the files are here: I just need to change the “iframe 1” and I will be able to edit and modify the rest. Any help, please??? THANKS

Submitted March 31, 2017 at 11:14PM by totxolander
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