Haskell and GUIs / Vulkan

Haskell and GUIs / Vulkan

I have a major application to develop. It will need a high-performance, optimized backend with a modern frontend, and eventually, a Vulkan-based display of some 3d data.

Is my best option hsqml (http://ift.tt/1g816Fp) or a Haskell / C++ combo?

I like Haskell quite a bit, but see that, once again, complications with UI development require a mixed-language project; I prefer the clarity & performance of a one-language solution.

I've perused http://ift.tt/24JPnTa, and it bluntly confirms that Haskell is lacking in the GUI department.

Submitted April 30, 2016 at 11:19PM by ScottRobertLadd
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Framework options overload – suggestions for a average-complexity budgeting app?

Framework options overload – suggestions for a average-complexity budgeting app?

Hello /r/javascript,

I'm planning a new hobby project to replace YNAB (youneedabudget.com) with a home-grown app to fit my perfect use case. I've done a bit of work with Django in the past (primarily backend but some front) so can get back up to speed on HTML/CSS and am comfortable with MVC but not necessarily looking for anything that will mirror that setup.

I'm completely overwhelmed with choice on where to start with picking a framework though!

React, backbone, meteor, meatier, koa, sails, angular, loads of others I can't remember off the top of my head…

I know a lot of the choice is subjective but also know there's a vast amount I don't know about them all so some more informed opinions are welcome.

The "My Life" app will start just locally on my laptop, it will move online at some point in the future so my partner can share access. I really like the idea of being able to (relatively easily) make an android app out of it for myself too but again, that's far down the list.

It's essentially a variation of YNAB to accommodate my somewhat unusual income and expenses sources which the various budgeting apps don't accommodate.

Related but not necessarily relevant – is there a setup where this could work as a self contained folder (so sqlite db, no webserver being run, all the logic in the browser js) that could be copy pasted to a different machine and still work? Be nice for my partner to be able to test it on her laptop but it's locked down so no installation of any programs allowed. My understanding is browser access to local files has been severely restricted (so things like TiddlyWiki don't work as well any more?) which may prevent this?

All advice / suggestions / inputs welcome

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[Help] How to display every object’s value for a certain property which they all have.

[Help] How to display every object’s value for a certain property which they all have.

I am getting an array of objects (representing a steam trade offer, doesnt matter in what I want to do though). Every object represents an item, and the items all have the same property. I am trying to get the property value 'market_hash_name' for every single object, and log it. I did this to get it from only the first object:


This worked. I have tried this to get it for every object, if there are not 999 objects it will return undefined which is fine with me


This did not work… So does anybody have a solution on how to do this?

TL;DR: How do I get a value from every objects certain property in an array of objects.

Submitted April 30, 2016 at 10:24PM by timgfx
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