Who wants to explain ‘routes’ (Express.js) and other new backend stuff to me? ELI5 perhaps even?

Who wants to explain ‘routes’ (Express.js) and other new backend stuff to me? ELI5 perhaps even?

Hey Folks,

I've been learning javascript for a while, but I'm still struggling to grasp some of the concepts of working with the back end. Links to explanation, or typed explanations are greatly appreciated.

Where I'm at: – I've studied vanilla javascript fairly extensively (understand execution context, 'this', event loop, how closures work, some functional programming, understand oop and inheritance etc.)

  • I've learned how to use React
  • I want to learn how to implement some instance of Flux with a React app (probably redux, but whatever).

I'm still trying to absord the back-end lingo – particularly in a Node setting (using express)

  • what are routes?
  • What is the "data" flow of a typical back end?

any help is greatly appreciated!

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Desktop application with javascript and python/c++ as back-end?

Desktop application with javascript and python/c++ as back-end?

Hi guys, I'm after 2 days of research about the topic of making desktop applications in javascript. Since I'm low level guy (c/asm/bash, python when I'm lazy;) I had hard time to understand what is the difference between nodejs, iojs, electron and other things in js-world. Why I even care about this stuff? I need to create a desktop application with a lot of magic things going on in back-end, but, I want to make it look beautiful as well. As a linux user, I simply know that javascript (html+css) is the only way to do so…

So, my target is:

1) to create dekstop app with javascript (html + css) as front-end but with python/c++ as back-end,

2) to make it as simple as possible to install by target user – just binary to click would be perfect (as in popcorn time). Great example is when I was trying to install Atom but this whole Electron dependency was taking so long to install that I actually never tried Atom at all.

Is is possible to do this? Or I have to do all the back-end things in javascript also? Yes, I know it is possible, but I simply don't know js so good to make it work properly and safety which I can simply achieve with eg. python.

This is http://ift.tt/1GOLnVt the only thing I found which helps me a little bit, but I'm not even sure if this way is good for a much more complicated dekstop application.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/links.

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