Let blocks with Kyle Simpson’s let-er tool

Let blocks with Kyle Simpson’s let-er tool

I really like the way Kyle thinks and how he teaches, so naturally I am inclined to be swayed by his opinions on things, but I'm not sure I want to make this jump to writing let blocks and using his non-standard tool to transpile it. "So don't use it, then." Yeah, I know, thanks.

The reason I am not sure is because I'm not great with javascript and I don't want to learn a habit that everyone I run into has problems with. On the other hand, if this becomes common practice, then it's something I will have to catch up on later, I guess.

So, I'm just wondering who's writing ES6 and how popular this method of let blocking is, whether people see it as taking off or not.

Here is the tool if you never heard of it: http://ift.tt/156QtNw

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Having trouble learning JavaScript

Having trouble learning JavaScript

Hello, /r/javascript! I recently jumped back into web design and want to try my hand at developing without using WordPress or other pre-developed templates. I've been able to get the hang of every language I've learned so far without any issues, but JavaScript has given me some real trouble. After a while, I get frustrated and give up for the time being until I can discipline myself enough to get a little further with it. Unfortunately, it's been a bit of a viscous cycle.

Does anyone have advice, tips, or experiences on the best way for you to learn it? Thanks for reading!

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